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Now Only 68.00 shipped

A favorite for competition rimfire shooting, includes a solid scope rail, fast accurate and easy to install.

Proven to repeat See Through scope mount and The best front sight upgrades available including the SKS modular threaded AK style front sight.

Proven barrel stabilizers only 68.00 shipped

Avenger 2 threaded front sight,The best front sight upgrade available

Coming Soon *** Ruger 1022 Tactical Model Mil-Sights, check back soon..

Trueshot Technologies, SKS see through scope mount and SKS threaded front sight
Trueshot Technologies, Ruger 1022 Target Sights with scope rail
Trueshot Technologies, Mosin Nagant See Through Scope Mount
Trueshot Technologies, Mini 14, Mini 30, Barrel stabilizer, Avenger 2,Mini 14, Mini 30 front sight


 Product prices, configurations subject to change without notice.